About My Anasa Online Shop

Why My Anasa Shop and what is this? It is an online shop, but not a common one. I decided to open it realizing a project started during the first Italian lockdown in March 2020. I always had a passion for shopping, but during that period I improved my experience online. Since some years ago I started to buy online because it was a good option to save time and money. Then I increased the items bought on the internet, especially to move less from home, according to also to the rules imposed by the government during the emergency.

Traveling often around the world, I needed to optimize my time to buy and the net offered me a lot of opportunities. So I decided to share guides and reviews on my blog to help you during your online and offline shopping experience. But then it came to my mind one step more to do. This shop.

What can you find in the online shop?

Everything. I am not joking. For my needs online I buy flight tickets, I reserve hotels, I buy items for my trips and my daily life. Plus I purchase gadgets for my gifts. When I find something cool, I listed here. A picture, a short description, the price, plus the link to the original shop. So, I am not selling anything here, I add any type of product I find interesting, be sure they are many and in any category. There are thousands of products from any niche. If you are interested and you will click on the button “buy item”. You will redirect the producer or vendor online shop to make your purchase and take advantage of the special offers I listed.

So this is like a list to get inspired, to search for the items you want, and catch the offers. Here you won’t buy anything, you will just use my experience and my list. What is the advantage? Easily, this online shop contains everything from hotels to books, from clothes to IT, from courses to medicines. I am going to update it frequently, so check it out every time you want to see something new. All the products are selected from the best online shops made by quality producers and vendors.

Enjoy shopping!